About ISMO

ISMO is a one of a kind, Aesthetic boutique, with state of the art operating facilities. We strive to maintain the highest possible safety standards while providing individualized, high quality cosmetic care to all. All the surgical procedures we perform are executed by best cosmetic surgeons and, skin linked treatments are taken care of by best skin specialists (Dermatologist). Being a holistic aesthetic healthcare brand, our ideology is to respect the physiognomy of patients, since everyone has a unique genetic beauty, which is an important heritage to preserve.

ISMO has impressively contributed in bringing together the concept of focused technology with ethically-motivated solutions to gratify present-day requirements. We are quite fervent in offering clinical specialty and the most advantageous primary quality care.

Our pioneering technology and wide-ranging medical solutions are, apt to meet your prerequisites so that you can get customised treatment. We have a dedicated team of experts that give top priority to your needs and desires. We promise a healthy body and radiant skin by consistently aiding you with high standard therapies that are guranteed to deliver positive outcomes.