Are you taking care of your scalp?

Are you taking care of your scalp?


Do you have a fixed hair care routine? Does it involve your scalp? If you answered No, then this is for you. The often overlooked and key to a lustrous healthy hair is the scalp. Here is why you should treat your scalp in the same way as you would your face.

It’s all about the scalp
Great hair is the key pillar in the holy grail of beauty goals. Consider your scalp as an extension of the skin on your forehead. It’s constantly replacing old skin cells with new. There are numerous oil and sweat glands comparatively as each strand of hair is attached to a sebaceous gland. Imagine that your scalp is a living tissue like a mini ecosystem of sorts that supports your follicles and the hair that comes from it.

There are numerous scalp issues stemmed from a build up of product, sebum, oil and dirt that can clog your hair issues. This build up is what causes your scalp irritation, dryness, itching, flakiness and eventually leads to hair loss. So it’s all about the scalp. The more importance you give to your scalp – the better chances of having a good and healthy hair. Figure out solutions that will work for your hair, eat healthy, use products that will detoxify your hair, give your scalp regular treatments that would be a booster and pull out all that buildup from the scalp with proper care.

What Can You Do For A Healthy Scalp?

Usage of styling products on a regular basis, natural sebum build up, chemically treated hair leads to clogged follicles thus leaving an unbalanced scalp. Giving your hair a regular detoxifying cleanse can prevent this and the need for everyday shampooing. The healthy base for optimum growth is when the scalp is in good condition. Clean and clear scalp equals bouncy shine hair and no signs of redness, flakiness or irritation.

Avoid foods that will aggravate your scalp. Watch what you eat. Stock up on those Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and co-enzyme Q-10 supplements to stimulate hair growth and to achieve a balanced scalp. Reduce stress, which is one of the causes for sebum build up. Fresh air, deep breathing, healthy food, stress less lifestyle changes and good sleep will give you a balanced scalp and a shiny lustrous hair. A holistic in nature approach towards addressing your hair issues covering all aspects of nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, a balance of products and chemical exposure to the hair is what one has to be on the look out for.

The secret to getting lustrous locks is a healthy scalp. If you know your hair like you know your body then you have unlocked the secret to getting those luscious locks that you love. Know your scalp, take care of it, and learn what causes the problems and what treatments would work for you. Speak to our in-house experts and find out more.

Dr. Nainar Mayon

Founder & CEO

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