Does gaming, exercising and dieting is not giving you the result that you want to burn your extra fat? Do not worry, we do have a perfect solution.

Lipolysis injection is a non-surgical procedure to reduce fat. The procedure is done by injecting a chemical in the desired place to burn out those extra calories. Normally, some places in our body like our abdomen and thigh has fat that cannot be reduced even with strenuous exercises. When this is the case Lipolysis injection becomes the ultimate option. A local anesthesia is given to the client and the procedure is done and monitored carefully. The treatment is usually used to achieve the facial fat reduction, correction in the jaws, face slimming, fat reduction in stubborn areas & double chin reduction.

At ISMO we use only safe and approved brands. Our expert team is always there to assist you always. The procedure is administered by strictly monitoring and multiple sittings will be suggested which will entirely depend on the area of treatment. Care and instruction post-treatment will be given by our doctors.