Hair Reduction Laser

The Hair Reduction Laser technique is an exposure to pulses of laser light that goes through the pigment of your hair. It reaches the hair follicle and does the work by preventing it from re-growing. The laser works best if your hair is dark, thick and black as the laser light is sensitive to color. The hair removal method is trusted and marked as a safe one by experts.

The target area is exposed to the laser light and then the hair is removed accordingly. The treatment is highly effective if you have had no sun exposure if you don’t have any active skin problems or you have changed your skin regime while on your treatment. Before starting the treatment all the necessary blood and other tests are done. The doctor will set the parameters of the treatment to ensure that the procedure is don’t with utmost care. Before starting the laser the treatment area is shaved. It takes up to 4-6 sittings to see visible results.

At ISMO we use FDA approved lasers like DIODE, Alexandrite and Nd Yag. We will give you post-treatment care and support that you will have to follow. Our team will assist you with all the necessary tips and techniques that are needed to be followed after the laser treatment. At ISMO we ensure that the quality of the treatment is not compromised. All we need is satisfying and happy clients.