Medi Facials

While standard facials are only to known to give your skin a good pamper, they give you a temporary result that results only for few days. Medi facials, on the other hand, are known to repair your skin from within.

Medi Facials are personalized for every skin tone and are done strictly under medical supervision that will result. At ISMO we have a team of exclusive Doctors to solve all skin issues, such as acne, scarring, pigment spots, sun damage, dehydration, rosacea, broken capillaries, etc.

Medi-facials improve your Skin tone, texture, and production of collagen and elastin in the skin, thus slowing down aging.

When do I see the result?

You can see visible results In 4 to 6 sittings. But the best results can be seen in 8 to 12 sittings.

With Medi facials, you can be sure that your skin doesn’t lose nutrients and feel more confident, radiant, rejuvenated and relaxed.

Even with one Medi-facial, you can see a huge difference to your skin though consecutive sittings are recommended!

What can go wrong?

A lot of things can go wrong even when the best creams are used for the wrong skin type, non-sterilised tools and massages are done in the wrong directions.

But with ISMO, you are in the safe hands, Our doctors know exactly what to do and achieve the best results.

Types Of Facials We Offer –

Clean up
It is the best suited for people with Oily Skin or acne-prone skin. This also helps a greater extent for people with black and white heads, dead skin, etc.

Hydrating facial
This facial simply works wonder for a mature type with dry, dull skins or dehydrated skin that requires a hydrated boost or when you simply need a relaxing break and get back your natural fresh beauty.

Illuminating facial
In Combination to a peel, get your dull skin to have that ‘wake-up’ boost and give a fresh glow from within.

Oxy facial and oxy hair treatment
Get the cooling, soothing, healing and nourishing effect that is literally like a fountain of youth. And all this package in one!

A variety of serums are sprayed with pure oxygen and when we work on the scalp, a combination of peptides with other actives for hair growth. It’s one of our most popular treatment at ISMO.

This facial includes a mild exfoliation, suction, and infusion, leaving the skin squeaky clean and letting it breathe fresh.

It’s best for a slightly oily skin and dull skin.

Pollogen facial
This is a savior! Because of this the best facial for any skin, any age.

It is a magnificent facial which includes the combination of oxygenating exfoliation at a radiofrequency and has a low level of laser stimulation with brightening and revival creams that works wonder on your face! This is the best facial for the red carpet look!

Laser facial
This has many names such as laser toning, laser bleaching and is best suited for people with uneven skin tone, pigmented skin, and patchy complexion and fine dark hair on your face or body. It also works well for collagen stimulation and tightening of open pores in many sittings.