What is Mesotherapy and how it works?

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical medical procedure in which a suitable drug is injected into the particular skin layer that needed special care.

The layer of skin could be of face, body or even scalp.

The treatment could be also used in context for Botox medical procedure for pores an acne, where it is termed as Meso-Botox

What is the procedure like?

The skin area to be treated is cleansed before a numbing cream is rubbed on the skin surface.

Tiny injection carrying the powerful medicine is administrated on the area.

The active concentrate or drug is chosen based on the desired outcome. Vitamins for rejuvenation, hyaluronic acid for hydration, and then vitamins C for skin lightening can be given as examples.

What is to expect out of Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy works wonder on your skin. Ismo can give the following guaranteed results:

  • Skin Glow
  • skin hydration
  • skin tightening
  • skin lightening
  • Reduced pigmentation
  • Hair growth
  • Decrease hair fall
What are the post-treatment care and steps?
  • Do not take a shower and perform any activity that causes perspiration on your skin (for at least 8 hours after the treatment)
  • Do not wash your hair or apply any hair products for at least 12 hours after the treatment
  • There might be marks on the skin of your scalp after the treatment. Do not pick them and it fades away as time goes.
  • Do not try to get tanned for two days after the treatment.
  • Do not undergo any hair treatment for a week after the mesotherapy