Skin Booster

Skin booster will help you in bringing back your youthful skin. It reduces the fine line and shows almost instant results for uneven skin texture, dehydrated skin, acne, scars and even the saggy tired skin that you have.

The skin booster is a Restylane treatment. Hydration is done with hyaluronic acid. It does not give any structural support or volume. Skin booster is well suited for collagen regeneration too.

The procedure is simple and non- surgical. A numbing cream will be applied in the treatment area after cleansing. Then for about 45 minutes, you will relax. Finally, the doctor injects the medicine for about 15 minutes and then a cooling pad is applied in that area. The treatment helps you to gradually improve your skin’s condition, increasing elasticity, reducing fine lines and imperfections.

At ISMO the treatment is carefully administered and the client is explained of the procedure before starting the treatment. Also at ISMO, we provide quality treatment with advanced equipment. We ensure that every treatment is carefully and safely administered. Our professionals guarantee that you leave with all smiles with glowing skin.