4 Essential Skin care Tips To Look your Best this Winter!

4 Essential Skin care Tips To Look your Best this Winter!

Winters has its own kind of Charm – but guess what? The cold weather not only keeps you fascinating but also brings along the unique skin care needs.  In these recent days of winter, have you ever gone through the catastrophic moments that could wreak problems on your skin? You might have not felt it but your skin would have. In fact, the cold breeze can steal your skin’s natural moisture leaving it itchy and dry. So, it’s your prime responsibility to take good care of your skin during winter.

To keep your skin away from noxious issues during any season, regularly overhauling your skincare regime can be of great help. So, here we have some of the most essential skincare tips which could dexterously make your skin smooth and healthy.


If you do scrub frequently, your skin tends to turn dry, and red. Instead, exfoliate your face which literally means to remove the dead cells lying on the top layer of your skin. By doing so, your skin gets smooth.

Home Remedy: Mix Spoonful of Honey and sugar, apply on your face and massage gently. The dead top layer will ward off uncovering your smooth skin underneath.

If you are not satiated enough, approach ISMO for we can exfoliate your skin with the milder Chemical peels.


Most people are having the habit of purchasing those sunscreens with high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) from markets without thinking whether that would suit their skin type. Depending on the nature of your skin, your choice of sunscreen must vary. For very dry skin, a cream based sunscreen would do good. If your skin is normal, go for a matte sunscreen. Finally for an oily skin type, a sunscreen preferably gel type with 20 or 30 SPF is a wiser choice. Check your skin’s nature and opt for the ideal one.


Are you riding on the sea of dry skin worries, here are few quick home remedies that can do wonders to your skin if followed regularly.

TIP 1: Take the fresh coconut milk extracted from the pulp and apply it all over your face & hands. Leave it for some 5 to 10 minutes and then wash off. You can visibly see the difference and feel your nourished skin.

TIP 2: Mix 2 tbsp of powdered milk, ¼ cup of yogurt & ½ tsp of honey and apply it on your skin. Leave until dry and wash it off. Try this effective milk mask to make your skin bright & shiny.


Lips, the smoothest part of our face, hold no moisture as they don’t possess oil glands and hair. And that’s exactly why lips always need moisture which is expected more during winter. To keep your lips fresh and hydrated, use a cream-based lip balm instead of that old petroleum gel lip balm. To add even more smoothness, do exfoliate your lips often.

During the winter, many factors restrict your skin from glowing naturally, and that’s primarily why it wants your help. Hope the above-shared winter skincare tips are not hard to follow, and so you can include them in your everyday skincare routine with ease.

If you think you need expert care for your skin, step into ISMO Skin and hair Care for our skin specialists here can guide you to the best type of treatment and make the clear judgment of what best matches your actual skin type.  Follow us for more useful skin care and hair care tips.

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