Tall, dark and handsome…..a manly man…..every woman’s historical ideological dream. But in today’s world, a man is required to pay a little more attention to upkeep of his looks. Most men don’t go to beauty salons, they’re considered feminine territory. .But that doesn’t mean, men don’t need help with skin care to maintain their youthful , attractive masculinity.

Being groomed and presentable isn’t a requirement just to attract the opposite sex but a necessity to maintain a competitive image in a competitive world. So goes the saying ” be the best man you can be”. The world expects no less of you. Looking your best not only makes you feel more confident but also helps you create an impressive persona.

Acne,acne scars, pigmentation and oily skin are the most common problems for younger men whereas the older men suffer more from aging of the lower face, double chin and hair loss.

Dr.Rashmi has more than 15 years of experience treating, enhancing and maintaining aesthetics of her male patients which includes some of the biggest stars from the entertainment and corporate world. She understands the special nuances of working with male patient, the peculiarities of the Indian male skin, face, hair and body structure and is adept at treating the face while maintaining its masculinity even while attempting to enhance its aesthetics.

She’s an eminent lecturer on the subject of male aesthetics and part of special teaching faculties at congresses across the world.

Men lead busy lives and the treatments are designed to provide quick solutions with almost no downtime and pain. Most procedures require a single sitting, no surgery, maybe a 10 minute laser, a nip or tuck, here and there to give instant results.

Men don’t need a thousand beauty products or a hundred trips to a clinic or salon to look their best. A well planned skin care regime with some occasional enhancement is all that’s needed to maintain the groomed rugged image that world loves to see.


Oily Skin

Weaker Structure In The Upper Face

Not A Very Well Defined Jaw Bone


Not A Well Defined Bone Structure


Heavier Lower Face

Open Pores

Fat Accumulation On The Neck

Excessive Body Hair

Excessive Sweating

Hair Loss / Balding

Body Treatments