Thread Lifts

What Is Meant By A Thread Lift And How Will It Help You To Look Fabulous?

Thread lifts help your skin to tighten or uplift. In this Method, absorbable threads are used which stay on the skin where it been deposited, thus stimulating a wound healing reaction and that in turn stimulates collagen. Collagen is much need for our skin to induce elasticity and thereby keeps our skin young and youthful!

What Can I Expect From Thread lifts?

Thread lifts give you a tighter & firmer skin, a good amount of contouring to your face and skin lifting.

When do I get to see the results?

It usually takes about a month’s time and gets better

How long will the results last?

The results usually depend on the number of sittings suggested by expertise Doctors at ISMO and the results last for about a year

What might go wrong?

When the thread inserted wrongly or in a wrong plane, there might be chances of the visibility of thread that is under the skin. It may lead to temporary bruising. In rarer cases, Infection might occur, if due care is not taken. On rare occasions, the thread can be rejected and thrown out of the skin